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Our team of zero waste experts can help your company decrease waste and recycling expenses while increasing the amount you reuse and recycle.

Recycling Smart means using advanced monitoring technology to maximize efficiency, real time data reporting to guide decision making and industry experts to develop and implement creative solutions that fit your business.

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RecycleSmart has reduced waste and recycling operating expenses for The Boathouse Restaurants of Canada by over $20,000.00 per year. The team at RecycleSmart did an excellent job identifying priorities for cost reduction and working with our locations mangers to reduce waste, streamline operations and ultimately be more profitable. Read More
Boathouse Restaurants
JYSK 2747C
RecycleSmart has worked with our store and distribution teams across Canada to improve our recycling and waste management programs. By leveraging RecycleSmart's national buying power and expertise, we achieved an initial cost reduction of 25% across all stores. As our partnership continues, we can see the benefits of additional savings and increased waste diversion. JYSK sees value in the services offered by RecycleSmart. Read More...
JYSK Canada
fernwoodinn RecycleSmart had recently completed an audit of my firm's solid waste management expenses. I had never heard of the service that your company specializes in and am thankful that I was open minded enough to hear you out because my company is certainly reaping financial benefits because of you. Not only did you remove extraneous fees that generated substantial financial benefits, but also you formulated a waste management plan, which allows my company to save money into the future. Read More
Fernwood Inn