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How full is your container right now?

We operate the largest system of remote waste container sensors in Canada, meaning when we say we know how full your container is we really do.

Sensors on Your Bins Mean We Can Monitor How Full Your Bin Is, Has It Been Picked Up On Time and What Was In It.

We are one of the few providers of waste and recycling management with deep experience with container sensors. Our team can help:

  • Monitor and optimize frequency of waste pickups
  • Proactively address and resolve missed pickups and service issues
  • Minimize overflows and maximize capacity
  • Identify sites that require additional recycling training

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Technology That Delivers

Our container sensors deliver accurate insight into what your waste is really costing you. Gain transparent access and awareness into every aspect of your waste and recycling management plan with fill level analysis, vendor performance reports and waste diversion statistics. 

We Don’t Talk Trash We Act On It

Our sensors provide 24/7 insight into your trash that we act on to guarantee that you only pay for the pickups you require. Eliminating extra charges and surprise visits which allow you to focus on the priorities that drive your business.

Savings You Can See

Our waste monitoring technology equates to significant savings for your business as we seek to divert and redirect waste materials to enhanced recycling programs. We create savings that you can invest in your recycling programs.

Accurate reports that track progress and waste diversion month on month. Easily report into BOMA, LEED, GreenKey and internal rating systems with customized reports that will make staying up to date a breeze.

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