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Is your bin always full?

Is your pickup schedule efficient?

RecycleSmart uses our experience and expertise to maximize equipment utilization, optimize service frequency, and match capacity to business needs.

Each location’s needs are assessed to determine necessary service levels. Historically, many locations depend on recommendations from haulers to determine how much service they need – if they consider it at all. Savings often result when waste volumes are compared to industry standards, company benchmarks (square feet : cubic yards produced per store), and site surveys.

RecycleSmart uses monitoring technology to ensure compactors are utilized to their full capacity and that service is performed as requested. All service data is entered into the RecycleSmart monitoring system which produces easy to read monthly reports that allow managers to spot trends and abnormal events.


The SmartTrash® Monitoring system gives RecycleSmart the ability to monitor your compaction equipment wirelessly to ensure that your compactor is picked up when full. No more hauling half empty compactors, why take your money to the landfill?