Looking for ways to improve your work places environmental performance? The first step is to create a green team!

What is a green team?  A green team is a group of individuals in your workplace, preferably at least 1 person from each department, who meet up periodically to discuss green initiatives.

Green teams can meet as often or as little as they like. Naturally, the more often they meet, the faster they can tackle environmental obstacles. These teams are open forums to discuss and brainstorm innovate ways to reduce waste, reduce energy usage and improve overall environmental performance.

With a representative from each and every department, you can be certain that all aspects of your business will be addressed. This will help prevent redundancies in new programs and over-sights in operational changes. Another advantage of having someone from every department is the rapid dispersal of new operational policies and procedures. The representative from each department can return to their department and inform everyone about any new changes. They can also be there to witness and ensure new policies and procedures are being followed.

Green teams are a must for any organization that wants to improve their environmental performance. If you need help starting up a green team, or if your green team needs help implementing a new recycling program, don’t hesitate to reach out to RecycleSmart!