Households and businesses will pay sharply more to dump garbage at transfer stations next year.

Metro Vancouver intends to raise waste tipping fees 18 per cent from $82 to $97 per tonne as of Jan. 1.

The new price amounts to a 36 per cent increase in just two years and Metro officials have signaled continued hikes in future years are likely.

Next year will also be the first time it will cost $20 to get rid of an old mattress.

Metro officials say the charge is because it’s difficult to process mattresses for recycling.

Tipping fees for recyclables is also going up.

It will cost $63 per tonne (up from $59) to drop off yard and garden waste for recycling.

Food waste will also be part of that green waste category as of next spring.

Because green waste will cost $34 less per tonne than dumping regular garbage, officials hope there will be incentive to separate compostable waste.

Clean, untreated wood waste will also be accepted at the green waste rate.

Minimum dumping fees of $10 for small loads ($20 at peak times at some transfer stations) remain unchanged.

Waste-handling costs are rising and a decline in incoming garbage – due to both the recession and increased recycling – means there’s less revenue to defray costs.

Part of the cost increase is because Metro is spending more on waste planning, regulatory and recycling initiatives – many mandated under its proposed Solid Waste Management Plan, which commits the region to much higher recycling rates.

Metro will also spend about $1 million next year operating the Ashcroft Ranch, which the regional district originally bought as a potential new landfill site until the province blocked that option.

Some municipalities pay different tipping fees.

In Maple Ridge, the tipping fee will be $101 next year, because that city tacks on an extra $4 to fund local recycling programs.

Abbotsford waste dropped at the Matsqui Transfer Station will pay $91 per tonne to Metro – $6 less because that city isn’t required to contribute to Metro regional waste services – plus an extra $1.35 per tonne that goes to the Fraser Valley Regional District.

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