We are an industry leading management company providing Smart waste and recycling services.

We provide businesses with an innovative solution that helps them to make greener decisions and integrate sustainability into their business while boosting profits.

We take away the pain of garbage removal through providing one contact, one bill and a thousand solutions to a problem that has existed far too long.

We seek to disrupt an industry that has become complacent and comfortable. Waste haulers charge fixed fees for a service that is often not required, providing unfair contracts and poor service. We have a smart waste solution we think you are going to like.


We utilize the latest technology to ensure your assets are being used to their fullest potential.

By installing sensors in your waste containers, we know exactly how full your bins are and when they should be emptied. Our team monitors collections in real time and proactively solves service problems. We fine-tune recycling processes to reduce your overhead costs, all while having a positive impact on the environment.


No more paying for haulers to collect a bin that is far from full.

The outdated service model for haulers means their profit increases with inefficiency. When locations are over serviced or not managed closely, the dollars add up quickly. They don’t worry about whether their pickups suit your needs.

But we do.

The RecycleSmart advantage gives you the freedom to break free from restrictive contracts and exercise control over your own waste.


RecycleSmart is the only contact you need.

We don’t want your valuable time to go to waste so we work hard every day to ensure you have the best possible fit for your waste and recycling service needs.

We take on the task of managing waste and recycling so that you are able to focus on the business priorities that will help you succeed.

Our customer app gives you the freedom and flexibility to manage your services at a time that suits you. Check pickup schedules, book extra services and find out what goes where.


Not only do we strip away the need for you to have multiple contracts and contacts to manage with potentially hundreds of waste and recycling vendors, we also simplify your vendor management into one bill.

Gone are the days of sifting through and processing numerous invoices, our accounting team expertly audits each location handling everything from billing errors to credit requests to rate adjustments.

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