In this blog post I wanted to give kudos to some service providers that have given great service over the past month. In the past month I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with two companies that went above and beyond to support their customers and a few that fell far short (don’t worry, I’m not naming the two that didn’t, we’re all about positivity here at Keystone!).

For the  honour roll…..

EcoSafe: A few of our customers have been having difficulty with bag liners on their organic bins that don’t stay put. This means the liner falls into the bin and food waste goes all over the bin. As you can imagine this leads to a smelly, disgusting mess after a few weeks. As the hauler is the one putting the bag liners on we raised this issue with them and they turned to the the supplier, in this case EcoSafe. Ric Mallett from EcoSafe was quick to get in touch with Keystone and immediately starting working to solve the problem. The thing that really impressed me about Ric was his attitude of “We’ll do whatever it takes to solve this problem”. He agreed to meet on site with Keystone the same day to review the issues we were having and started working immediately to find a bin liner that would work. There was no blaming the bin manufacturer, blaming the hauler or blaming anyone, his attitude was “Let’s Solve The Problem”. The icing on the cake was he even came back on a Saturday morning during the Grey Cup parade to do additional measurements and go over the correct way to install the bin liners. That’s customer service and we’ll be using EcoSafe again in the future.

The other shout out for excellent customer service goes to our stellar IT partners that created our RecycleSmart reporting system. Johnathan Briggs at Roebank Publishing/Target Dashboard gives amazing customer service. They have customized feature, made new features, helped us day and night with locked out accounts, data problems and anything we threw their way. The fact that we’re across the ocean (Roebank is based in Scotland) hasn’t hampered the ability of their team to deliver great service. I was blown away when Johnathan was going on vacation he emailed us to say he was going to be away and introduced us to his replacement while he was gone! That’s proactive customer service.

On a bad note in the last month I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with companies who don’t discontinue previous employees email accounts so you email into oblivion for days wondering why you’re geting no response. When you finally figure out that John/Jane no longer works there and get a hold of the right person they berate you for asking for a rush on the information you requested. Wow, ever heard of email forwarding or even the old email bounceback feature? And then there is the equipment suppliers that can’t, won’t and don’t give customer service. It’s not their machine, it’s operator error, we don’t cover that, your warranty just expired, prove it to me first. Guess what, if I have to go through all that hassle I’m likely going to go with a equipment supplier that has a Ric or a Johnathan that steps up to the plate and makes my life easy. When you give poor service you undo the thousands of dollars spent on marketing, sales reps, flashy brochures, the new website and everything else you did to get my business in the first place.

At Keystone our customers problems are our problems. Due to the nature of our shared savings, performance based business model we can’t pass the buck or leave the client with equipment or services that aren’t working. Our success is your success. Our bottom line is your bottom line.